Building a website can take months.

Luckily there are frameworks, minimal coding, and no-code solutions designed to help anyone build a quick website.

Here are 4 tips to build your own website from the ground up.

Tip #1: Use Web Frameworks

First up, web frameworks. A web framework or web application framework is a software framework designed to standardize the building and deployment of web applications.

Popular web frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Flask, and Django are all frameworks.


Version: 3.1.7

Deploying a React App requires several packages to bundle the files and convert the code to JavaScript.

In this React tutorial, we will first bundle our React Chatbot with webpack and Babel. Then in a later section, we will deploy it to an AWS S3 bucket.

What is needed to bundle a React App?

  • A React app
  • Install and configure webpack and webpack-cli
  • Install and configure Babel
  • Install and configure HTML webpack plugin
  • Install and configure webpack development server

All of these packages are discussed in detail below.

Creating a React App

This tutorial assumes that you have already created and configured your React App using Facebook’s create-react-app

React is one of the most popular technologies in web development. A JavaScript library developed by Facebook, React has gained immense popularity in recent years. More and more projects are being developed using React. It has several benefits. It is flexible, easy to learn and understand, and provides top-notch performance.

Searching on Github, you can find a variety of creative projects that demonstrate the ingenuity of the open-source world. Check out the projects below to inspire your next creation or fork one of the branches and start making a project your own. …

What is website design (or web design) and why is it important?

Web design simply refers to the presentation or layout of a website. Web design is important in order to appeal to users and convince them to purchase the products a website presents.

Every website is trying to sell a product; whether it be a fashion e-commerce website or a food blog, both types of websites try to convince consumers to purchase their products (clothing or a monthly recipe subscription). So, how do you effectively lure and convince consumers to buy products? Part of the answer lies in web design.

Average cost to get a website designed for you:

If you’re wondering how much web designers charge, according to

An application’s average user rating is a great indication that helps determine whether or not users enjoy the app and its level of success. If users are required to purchase an application their standards for the application will be higher compared to a free application. Given that, one might think an application that costs must mean the application offers specific features that make the paid application better than a free application, so paid applications must be better and receive higher reviews compared to free applications.

While charging for an application is an immediate and effective method to quickly generate revenue…


Having a recognizable brand is a must. A logo is the first thing people notice when they see your business. Whether it’s a wordmark, an icon, or a symbol, a logo helps your business stand out. What are some popular logos? Here are 10 popular logos and why they’re great.

What are modern logo designs?

Modern logos aim to create fresh and clean designs evoking positive feelings towards customers about a specific company. From video games companies to food companies, modern logo designs are applicable to any company wanting to reflect current design trends. Here is a list of common modern logo design trends:


AWS Certificate Manager

SSL/TLS certificates are a crucial part of data transfer between browsers and web servers. They may sound daunting at first, but AWS makes it extremely simple to add a free SSL/TLS certificate to any website.

This article will discuss:

  1. What is an SSL certificate?
  2. What is a TLS certificate?
  3. What is the difference between an SSL and TLS certificate?
  4. How does an SSL/TLS certificate work?
  5. How can you tell if a site has an SSL/TLS certificate?
  6. How do you get a free SSL/TLS certificate?
  7. How to request an SSL public certificate using AWS Certificate Manager
  8. How to add the DNS…

What is Copy AI?

To understand Copy AI, we first need to discuss GPT-3 by OpenAI. Initially released June 11, 2020, the Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) uses deep learning to produce auto-generated text, images, and even code. With a capacity of over 175 billion machine learning parameters, GPT-3 has easily surpassed other language models such as Microsoft’s Turing NLG’s 17 billion parameters. However, this technology and OpenAI have experienced a fair share of criticism. If you recall back to 2019, OpenAI initially felt their model was too “dangerous” since it could easily output fake news or generate phishing schemes. As expected, mainstream news…

What are Bootstrap alert popups?

A Bootstrap alert popup is a build-in component designed to provide feedback on typical users’ actions.

Eight contextual classes provide the default Bootstrap colors.

How do you use Bootstrap alert popups?

Bootstrap documentation states alerts are called via JavaScript triggers.

3 Boostrap Alert Popup Templates from the Documentation

Bootstrap default alerts popups

<div classs="container p-5"> <div class="alert alert-primary" role="alert"> Primary Alert </div> <div class="alert alert-secondary" role="alert"> Secondary Alert </div> <div class="alert alert-success" role="alert"> Success Alert </div> <div class="alert alert-danger" role="alert"> Danger Alert </div> <div class="alert alert-warning" role="alert"> Warning Alert </div> <div class="alert alert-info" role="alert"> Info Alert </div> <div class="alert alert-light" role="alert"> Light Alert </div> <div class="alert alert-dark" role="alert">…

JavaScript animation libraries handle complex animations that quickly create strong visual components. Use built-in properties to add rotations, translations, eases, and reveals to your website within minutes.

We gathered a list of some of the most visually interesting animation libraries that create a strong first impression on the page load.

CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) will be used throughout the article for the sake of quick development, but all of these JavaScript libraries can be downloaded into your project.

Note: We encourage you to spend some time implementing these JavaScript libraries in small sections on your website. …

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